Data Export in FWsim Pro

FWsim Pro can export your shows to a wide variety of formats.

The following firing systems and data formats are supported:

Data Format Comments
Firing Plan (HTML or PDF)  
Firing Data as CSV CSV data can be opened in Excel and many other applications.
Cue Labels as PDF Labels, one for each cue, which can be adjusted for any paper size and type of label.
Cobra Ready for use.
Drotek - Fireworks on Drones Plan your drone show using the Drotek Lightshow Creator. Then, import into FWsim and add Pyros. The pyros can be exported back to the Drotek system.
Explo Ready for use, tested by Explo themselves.
Firelinx Ready for use, developed in collaboration with the team at Firelinx.
FireOne Ready for use.
FirePioneer Added in FWsim Pro v3.4
FireStorm by Ready for use.
Firetek Ready for use. Developed in cooperation with Firetek. Data can be exported via file or USB.
Galaxis Ready for use, looking for more test reports - please let us know how it works for you. Note that it is not yet possible to export module and pin numbers to galaxis. Please use the Galaxis Composer software and assign them manually.
Genetec Ready for use.
Graffiti Ready for use.
Ignis Ready for use and confirmed by Ignis themselves
IonFire This should work, but we haven’t received comprehensive reports from customers yet.
Liuyang Happiness  
Merlinfire Ready for use. Tested by the manufacturer themselves. Please note that you need the MerlinfireCSV software.
Mongoose Ready for use. Please update your Mongoose software to at least version
Pyroleda Ready for use. Tested by the manufacturer themself.
Piroshow Ready for use. Tested by the manufacturer themselves.
Pyrodigital Ready for use. You can send the data directly to the system, via USB, or create a text file with the firing data.
Pyrodigy System made in Turkey. Tested by the manufacturer themselves.
PyroIgnitionControl Ready for use.
Pyroleda F3 & SQ3 Ready for use, looking for more experiences. Please let us know if you encounter any problems
Pyromac Ready for use.
Pyroneo (formerly called Sky Director) Ready for use.
PyroStudio Ready for use.
Pyrosure Ready for use, tested by Pyrosure themselves.
Pyrotecmex Ready for use.
Pyrotronix Ready for use, tested by Pyrotronix themselves.
RFRemotech File format checked and confirmed correct by RFRemotech themselves.
RJ Equipamentos Ready for use.

Flamejets and other DMX devices

FWsim Pro can export DMX data to the following firing systems: Piroshow, Pyromac, Firetek

FWsim Pro can export flamejets as regular firing impulses to FirePioneer and Pyroneo.

We will add DMX support for other systems on request. If your system is not supported, please let us know.

Assigning Addresses to Cues

FWsim Pro supports channel and box numbers. You can assign those numbers manually, or let FWsim assign them.

Assign channels automatically

Please note that for the Galaxis firing system, automatic channel assignment is not possible yet.

The channel assignment will be saved in the show file. If you change the show, you have to click “Auto-Assign Channels” again to ensure the correct ordering.

By default, FWsim will refresh the channel assignments whenever you export your show. You can change this behaviour in the preferences.

The channel numbers are displayed right inside the timeline. If a cue is too short, you might not be able to read it. In that case, just hover with the mouse over the cue. Alternatively, you can also zoom further in using the trackbar to the right.

Assign channels manually

Click on cues, and select the “Export” tab in the sidebar on the right. There, you can enter channels manually.
When you change the channel assignment of a cue manually, a lock will appear next to it. The lock means that these channels will not be changed when you do an automatic channel assignment. This allows you to use manual and automatic channel assignment in conjunction with each other.

Changing address settings per cue

Click on a cue and select the “Data Export” tab. Here, you can change the channel assignment behavior of the cue:

Channel Assignment Settings Per Show

In addition to the per-cue settings, there are also settings for the entire show. Open the “Data Export” tab. You can change:


Click “Export” -> “CSV”. You can change the data fields in the CSV file. To do so, click “Tools” -> “Preferences” and open the “FWsim Pro” tab.

CSV data can be easily imported into Excel or other spreadsheet software.


Click “Export” -> “HTML Firing Plan”. As with CSV, you can define which data fields are used in the Preferences.

Other Firing Systems

We can create a custom export plugin for your firing system. Contact us for more information.