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Privacy Policy


This site provides a newsletter. If you subscribe, your E-Mail address will be kept confidential and never shared with anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time.

YouTube Upload Functionality in the FWsim Application

The FWsim application gives you the option to upload your fireworks show to YouTube. In order to provide this functionality, FWsim uses the Google YouTube API.

If you decide to use YouTube upload, FWsim will a browser window allowing you to log into YouTube. FWsim will then remember your login email address in a local settings file - this is to make future uploads easier. However, FWsim will never read (or even receive) your password.

FWsim only uploads the video to your own YouTube account. It will never read any data from your YouTube account or share data with anyone. The YouTube login email is only stored locally.

External services used

This website loads the following external services to help us better understand how visitors interact with this site. All data is collected anonymously and stored securely.

Facebook Marketing Servicese

Due to our legitimate interest in analysis and optimization of our website, we use the so-called “Facebook Pixel”. Facebook guarantees to comply with Euruopean data protection law.

With the help of the Pixel, Facebook is able to determine the visitors of our website as a target group for the presentation of advertisements. We use the facebook pixel to display our Facebook ads only to Facebook users who have shown an interest in FWsim by using our website. Or alternatively, who have bought FWsim or registered for a free license - as part of a so-called “Custom Audience”.

The use of the Facebook pixel allows us to make sure that our ads are only shown to people who are actually likely to be interested in FWsim, and avoid any nuisance effect. Using the Facebook pixel also allows us to generate statistics by seeing whether people who have clicked a Facebook ad actually download the software.

The Facebook pixel is integrated into our website by Facebook and uses a cookie. If you tehn log in to Facebook or visit Facebook when you are logged in, your visit to will be in your profile. However, the data is anonymous to us - we can never know your identity. If we transfer data to Facebook for comparison purposes, this data is only ever transmitted with secure encryption, and for the sole purpose of matching data on Facebook.

Other Cookies

In addition to cookies employed by the services mentioned above, web page uses the following cookies:

Download of Real Locations

If you use the “Real Location” feature in FWsim, then map data will be downloaded from Google via the Google Maps API. You can review the Google Privacy Policy here:

Data Deletion

If we have stored any data about you, then you can request deletion of this data through the following form. Simply leave us a short note “please delete our data”:

FWsim Contact Form

Terms of Use

If you use the “Real Location” feature in FWsim, then map data will be downloaded from Google. You are then bound by Google’s Terms of Service, available here.