Export to Galaxis

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Galaxis Composer has a special import preset for FWsim Pro, which matches the file format of that XLS file.

Please note that for Galaxis, module and channel numbers are not exported and have to be assigned manually using the Galaxis software.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new show or open an existing one.
  2. Under the “Export” tab on the right, select the Galaxis system.
  3. Click “Export” -> “Galaxis” and select a filename.
  4. Open the Galaxis Pyrotec Composer.
  5. Click “File” -> “Import Script”. An import window will pop up.
  6. In the import window, select “Presets” -> “FWsim (.xls)” from the menu. If you are prompted whether to use the column assignments, select “Yes”. If you don’t see an FWsim option, please make sure you use the latest version of Pyrotec Composer.
  7. Select “File” -> “Open Excel Sheet”, and select the .xls file that FWsim created.
  8. Click “Confirm” (the button on the bottom left). The imported data will now be visible in the main window.
  9. Assign modules and channels, and transfer the show to your system.

Using the Galaxis G-Flame

Please make sure you follow these safety instructions:

  1. Read the handbook before using the device, especially the section on general safety information.
  2. Make sure the tilt sensor is enabled
  3. Make sure the flame sensor is enabled
  4. If in doubt about the correct and safe operation of the device, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Step by Step: Galaxis G-Flame and FWsim

FWsim is now able to visualize sequences using the Galaxis G-Flame, and export them via DMX. Please follow these steps:

  1. Currently, FWsim only supports DMX control for the Galaxis G-Flame. If you want to control the G-Flame without DMX, please let us know. We’d be happy to support your usage scenario in a future update.
  2. Next, check if your DMX playback system is supported by FWsim (see list here). If not, let us know.
  3. In your FWsim show, click the “Device” button in the lower right corner of the screen
  4. Create a new G-Flame device, and select “Controlled with: DMX”
  5. FWsim has already selected a free channel for your device. Make sure it is correct
  6. Select the safety channel and safety value range.
  7. Click OK to add G-Flame cues into the show.