Export to Mongoose

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The Mongoose firing system is a pyrotechnic firing system developed by US company SimpliFire. We have collaborated with Simplifire to provide you with a simple and reliable data transfer between FWsim Pro and the Mongoose firing system.


You can download a time-limited trial version of FWsim Pro. If you need more time for testing, please contact us.

You will need the Mongoose Editor. Please make sure you update the Mongoose editor to version or later.

How to transfer your show from FWsim Pro to Mongoose

How to script flamejets with the Mongoose System and FWsim

The Mongoose System is able to control flamejets via electrical firing impulses. Pins can be switched on for variable amounts of times, and these pins can be triggered again later.

  1. Make sure you use FWsim version 3.5.1 or later
  2. Make sure you have the Mongoose Editor version or later.
  3. In FWsim, create flamejets, and select “Channel on Firing System” as your export mode.
  4. When you export a Mongoose script file, it will include a “dwell time” for the flamejets.

Please note: For the “dwell time”, the Mongoose Editor uses system-specific decimal separators. For example: If you have a dwell time of 5 seconds and 100 ms, then on US computers, the Mongoose software expects “5.1”. On German computers, where the system decimal separator is “,”, the Mongoose software expects “5,1” in the file. This is not a problem if you just work on one computer. However, if you transfer the file to a colleague with different language settings on their computer, you might get an error during Mongoose Editor import.