Export to Pyrodigital

FWsim Pro is a fireworks simulation and show design software, designed for
fireworks companies and semiprofessional pyrotechnicians. It offers 3D graphics, an easy-to-use show designer, and a powerful effects editor. Learn more...

We have collaborated with the team at Pyrodigital to provide you with a simple and reliable data transfer between FWsim Pro and the Pyrodigital firing system.


You can download a time-limited trial version of FWsim Pro. If you need more time for testing, please contact us.

You can transfer your show via the USB serial connection, or via a text file.

How to transfer your show from FWsim Pro to Pyrodigital


At the moment, there are two limitations to the Pyrodigital export:

  1. FWsim Pro exports Prefire time zero for all cues, so the “show time” in the firing data will actually the firing time.
  2. This export cannot be used for manual firing mode. If you would like to use manual firing mode with Pyrodigital, please contact us.