What's the difference between Finale 3D and FWsim Pro?

Finale Fireworks (now called Finale 3D) is a fireworks choreography and inventory management software. Its strength lies in its comprehensive inventory and collaboration features, which makes it well-suited for large fireworks companies. Finale Fireworks is available only as an annual subscription.

FWsim Pro is a fireworks simulation software first released in 2010 to an audience of fireworks enthusiasts. It’s currently usd by fireworks companies in 40 countries. The software is made by a small company in Austria. FWsim users like that it’s easy to use and produces beautiful videos. Other advantages of FWsim are the super-realistic effects, a very flexible effects editor and the performance - FWsim runs great even on old computers. The license for FWsim Pro is permanent, meaning there are no annual fees. One year of free upgrades is included in the price. FWsim Pro is used mostly by small and medium-sized fireworks companies (less than 10 employees). It has, however, been used on large shows - for example, Royal Fireworks (Netherlands) used FWsim to plan their display for the Philippines International Pyromusical Championship.

How can I try out FWsim?

If you’re shooting fireworks for fun, try the game edition free trial. If you’re working on real fireworks, download a free trial of the professional edition.