FWsim Licensing Details

This information applies to both editions (Standard and Pro); unless indicated otherwise.

Upgrade Policy

When you purchase FWsim, you get all versions for free that start with the same number. Usually, this includes bugfixes, small improvements and some new features. For example: When you buy FWsim 2.2.4, you get all 2.x versions as a free upgrade.
In addition to that, you get 1 year of unlimited upgrades with your purchase (regardless of the version number).
This policy applies only to updated versions of the same product. New products that are sold parallel to the existing editions do not constitute an "upgrade".

Installing on multiple computers

If you purchase FWsim, you may use it on up to two computers. For example, you can install it on your desktop computer and on your laptop.
For FWsim Pro, you can buy additional seats (more info), which allows you to install it on more computers within your company.

License Text

You can find the full license text here:
For FWsim Standard: license.txt
For FWsim Pro: license_pro.txt