Export to Ignis Firing Systems

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The company “Ignis-Zündtechnik” from Paderborn (Germany) offers ignition systems of the highest qualitative standards for professional use. The ignition systems are in demand internationally and offer optimal functions for every field of application. The company is considered to be the founder of many innovations, including matrix receivers and external output modules, which can also be found today with other suppliers. In addition to the standard products sold in the unidirectional and bidirectional range, “Ignis-Zündtechnik” also develops special manufacturing of ignition systems for individual customer requirements. The company promises thereby for all your products a robust construction, a perfect communication between system components and many additional functions (e.g. stepper functions, water organization function, resistance measurement, full text displays, text memory, weather data calculation, music receiver for pyromusicals, and in the transmitter integrated SMPTE time code and DMX control functions, …), which are designed for practicality, flexibility and need-based configurations. This allows the ignition systems to realize exact synchronizations of fireworks laser, light, and sound technology. Curious about the company? Visit [Ignis-Zündtechnik] (https://ignis-zuendtechnik.de/) to learn more.

How to use FWsim with Ignis Firing Systems

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new show or open an existing one.
  2. Select the Ignis Firing Systems System for this show by navigating to the “Export” tab on the right.
  3. Under the “Modules” tab, create enough modules for all cues. Per default, cues are connected to the nearest module. However, you can also associate modules with specific firing positions.
  4. Click Export -> Ignis Firing Systems and select a filename. FWsim will generate module and pin numbers automatically and create a .fir file. If there are any problems (e.g. too few modules), FWsim will alert you.
  5. Save the .CSV File for import into the Ignis Firing Systems Software.