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Frequently Asked Questions
Tutorial For beginners. Learn how to make a virtual fireworks show plus your own fireworks shell

Creating Shows

Show Designer Overview Create a firework show
Scenery Add background images and 3D models
Fronts Place helper lines that help you align your fireworks
Music Synchronization Synchronize fireworks and music
Topics for Advanced Users Keyboard shortcuts, and hacks to change the graphics.

Creating Fireworks

Firework Editor Learn how to build your own fireworks shells, rockets, mines and much more

3D World

3D World Editor Describes how to put 3D Models in your shows

How to make great fireworks videos

Create great Shows Fireworks Choreography Tips
Publish your Videos Tips how to publish your videos so that people actually find them
Free Fireworks Music Links to legal sites with free music that you can use for your FWsim fireworks

FWsim Pro

FWsim Pro Help Documents the additional features in FWsim Pro
Data Export Explains how to export your data from FWsim Pro to different firing systems
Real Effects A list of all real effects included in FWsim Pro

Information about Real Fireworks

How Real Fireworks Work Short info about professional display fireworks and how they work
Fireworks Glossary Commonly used fireworks terms and what they mean

Technical Support

Update your Graphics Card Driver With instructions for ATI and NVIDIA cards.

If you have already bought FWsim

Retrieve my License Already bought FWsim and want to re-install? No problem. Follow this link re-activate at any time, free of charge.

Want to use FWsim on other platforms?

FWsim on Mac OS Want to use FWsim on a Mac OS device - for example, a MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook Air?
FWsim on Android Unfortunately, at the current time, we don't offer an Android version.

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