About FWsim


FWsim was created by me, Lukas Trötzmüller.

I became interested in fireworks in 2006. I was unable to find a good simulation software that's realistic, fast and easy to use. Therefore, I wrote the first version of FWsim in 2010.

Soon, fireworks enthusiasts and pyrotechnicians started using it. To better serve their needs, in 2011 the professional edition was released.

FWsim is mostly a one-man project, but many people have made important contributions over the years.

Besides my work on FWsim, I completed a master's degree in computer science, with focus on Computer Graphics, at TU Graz. In my spare time, I organize events and workshops on the topics of productive communication, meditation, effective altruism, entrepreneurship and philantropy.

Thanks to

Josué Beauregard (Splash Screen for FWsim Basic & Creative Edition)
Walther_P22 from feuerwerk-forum.de (Sounds, Suggestions)
maximus from feuerwerk-forum.de (Effects)
Colposcuro from feuerwerk-forum.de (Effects)
Pyro and Giga-knall from feuerwerk-forum.de (Sounds)
Pichu from feuerwerk-forum.de (Launch Flame Photo)
russmer from sxc.hu (Background Photo "Sinai Sky")
Pyro-Art.de (Sounds)
Everaldo Coelho, David Vignoni, and Mark James (Icon-Sets Crystal, Nuvola, and Silk; respectively)
Pyroland - der Feuerwerks-Shop (Partnership)
All beta testers
Marcus Athmer for support in marketing, effects design, idea generation and many other areas.

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