Export to Pyrotronix

FWsim Pro is a fireworks simulation and show design software, designed for
fireworks companies and semiprofessional pyrotechnicians. It offers 3D graphics, an easy-to-use show designer, and a powerful effects editor. Learn more...

FWsim can export files compatible with the Pyrotronix system. You will need the Pyrotronix software in order to transfer the files to your system.

Please note that channel numbers are not exported and must be assigned manually using the Pyrotronix software.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Create a new show or load an existing one.
  2. Click “Export” -> “Pyrotronix”.
  3. Select a file name.
  4. The resulting .txt file can be imported into the Pyrotronix software.
  5. Assign modules and channels in the Pyrotronix software, and transfer the show to your system.