Export to firing systems (only FWsim Pro)

Export to firing systems (only FWsim Pro)

FWsim Pro supports a variety of common firing systems. Furthermore, you can export firing plans as CSV (useful for Excel and other software) and HTML (useful for printing).

Preparing a show for data export

When creating a new show, FWsim Pro asks you which firing system to use. You can change that later in the sidebar.

With most firing systems, FWsim Pro can generate the channel assignment for you.

First, create enough modules in the tab “modules” in the sidebar. Here, you can add modules and distribute them in 3D space. By default, cues will be connected to those modules that are closest. However, you can change that and configure modules to be used for specific firing positions only:

If you select that modules should only be used for specific firing positions, then they will be hidden from the 3D view. Instead, their number will be displayed next to the name of the firing position. For example:

In the “export” sidebar, you can also define whether to export a stepper as one firing impulse (with the other shots connected pyrotechnically), or if you want to export one firing impulse per shot:

This setting can also be changed for each stepper individually. In order to do that, click the stepper and go back to the “Export” tab in the sidebar.

Automatic channel assignment

By default, FWsim creates new channel assignments whenever you export. This can be changed in the preferences.

Manual Channel Assignment

To assign channels manually, click a cue and select the “Export” tab in the sidebar.

For a stepper, this tab will look like this:

For a single shot, you will get the following display:

You can enter the address in several different formats. For example, to enter “Module 2, Pin 5”, you can type “2/5” or “2.5”. As soon as you enter an address manually, a lock will apear. The lock means that this address can no longer be changed by the automatic channel assignment. This is useful when you want to use automatic channel assignment, but set some specific channels manually.

If you don’t want the lock, click it and the channel will be unlocked again. During the next automatic channel assignment, ths channel assignment will be overwritten without confirmation.

Firing system export

Click Export → “Export to Firing System” to export your show to the previously defined system.

HTML and CSV export

The HTML format can be opened with any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox). It contains a list of cues, and a list of used effects and modules.

The CSV format is useful for export to Microsoft Excel, and to other software.

In each case, you can define which data columns you want to have. To achieve that, click Tools → Preferences → FWsim Pro. There, you can select the used columns and arrange them freely: