Creating Plans and Labels (FWsim Pro)

Creating Plans and Labels (FWsim Pro)

With FWsim Pro, you can easily create a variety of plans from your shows.

Sample files

These plans can be printed, sent via e-mail or viewed on smartphones.

CSV export

The CSV format is useful for export to Microsoft Excel, and to other software.

You can define which data columns you want to have in your CSV file. To achieve that, click Tools → Preferences → FWsim Pro. There, you can select the used columns and arrange them freely:

Firing Plans as HTML or PDF

FWsim Pro Firing Plans contain a list of all cues and a list of the effects used in the show.

The plan can be exported in HTML or PDF format. Both formats can be opened on any computer for printing. The PDF format has a fixed page size, which you need to configure during export. The HTML format can be flexibly printed on paper of different sizes.

Labels as PDF

FWsim Pro provides three different label formats:

One label per module (sample file). Generates a (relatively big) label for each module listing all the cues connected to this module.

One label per igniter (sample file). This is useful when using the chain feature.

One label per cue (sample file). This is useful when using the chain feature.