Show Designer

The “Show Designer” is the main window of FWsim. It allows you to create your own fireworks shows.

The Show Designer

The timeline displays everything that happens in the show, for example:

Collectively, these events are called “cues”. The horizontal position (left or right) indicates the time at which a certain cue explodes. The vertical position has no special meaning.


You can add cues to your show by clicking any of the buttons in the toolbox:


Then, click into the timeline to add the cue.

Editing Cues

Select a cue by clicking it in the timeline. Then, you can edit its properties, move it in time (left / right), or move it to different tracks (up / down).

Editing multiple cues at once (FWsim Pro only)

In FWsim Pro, you can select multiple cues using two methods:

  1. Click the first cue, hold the SHIFT key and click more cues to select all of them.
  2. Left-click into the timeline, hold the mouse button and drag a rectangle to select all cues within that area. Note that if your cursor is a cross, it means you are still in insertion mode. Please right-click on the timeline and left-click again to go back to selection mode.

Most operations (copy, paste, moving, changing the firework) can be performed on multiple cues at once.

Types of Cues

Single Firework

This fires a single firework at a certain point in time. It has the following properties:


A stepper fires the same firework several times. The individual shots are fired one after the other, and at evenly spaced positions.

Steppers have the following properties:

In the sidebar on the right, you can change:

You can find some more options in the edit menu.


Are you looking for the "batteries" button in the toolbox? In previous versions of FWsim, you could create "battery" cues. These cues fired several shots at random times. This "battery" has been removed in newer versions. Instead, if you want random firing, please do as follows: Use the Stepper, and set the timing to "Random Times" using the properties page on the right.


Inserts music to be played at a certain time.

Camera Moves

This cue moves the camera from its previous position to another position. That other position can be set in the sidebar.

The first camera move in a show defines the start position for the camera. The second camera move moves the camera from the start position to another position. The third camera move moves the camera to yet another position, etc…

The camera actually moves only if “Moving” is selected in the sidebar under “Camera”.

Edit Menu

The edit menu always operates on cues.

Changing the Scenery and the 3D Environment

See Scenery and 3D Environment.