The best Pyromusicals of all time

Fireworks shows with music, also called Pyromusicals, are the pinnacle of the pyrotechnic arts. They might be very small, using just consumer fireworks and flamejets, or very large with big shells and complex single-shot sequences.

A pyromusical display can be more exciting and engaging than a fireworks show without music. It is also more difficult to prepare and more expensive - and requires a good outdoor sound system.

The best pyromusicals of all time

The FWsim team has selected their favourite pyromusical shows of all time. Use these to get inspiration for your own design process!

Best Classical Pyromusical: Nuits de Feu 2006 - Apogée Fireworks

Nuits De Feu was a fireworks competition held at Chantilly near Paris. Fireworks companies all over the world were invited to put on a show in the big courtyard of the castle. Many fireworks fans count these shows among the best of all time. Apogée Fireworks won the competition - and we think they deserved it.

There’s a lot going on here:

Most Intense Fireworks Finale: Nuits de Feu 2006 - Luso Pirotecnia

From the same festival, we like the finale of the show from Luso Pirotecnia (Portugal). It’s simplistic, really intense and over-the-top. What makes this especially interesting is the creative choice of having two finales, not just one.

Best Electronic Music Show: Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2018 - Endshow

Defqon is a famous electronic music festival. They produe very complex shows with light, laser, flamejets and pyrotechnics. Some might think it’s over-the-top and too much, but that’s what makes their production so special.

Best Long Pyromusical: Fête du lac 2013 - Luso Pirotecnia

This show is over an hour long and yet it remains interesting throughout.

Want to design your own Virtual Pyromusicals?

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