Fireworks Mania vs FWsim Fireworks Simulator

Which one is better?

To create virtual fireworks, there’s a wide range of software and games you could use. Some are very realistic, others emphasize fun and silliness. Two of the most popular ones are Fireworks Mania and FWsim. They are quite different.

Find out which one is right for you!

Fireworks Mania

Fireworks Mania is designed like a shooter game: You run around in a virtual neighborhood and have fun with fireworks. This interactive, live aspect has excited many players so far and brings fireworks simulation to the masses.

The realism of effects is somewhat limited, and this is not the right game if you look for customizability or you are a fireworks enthusiast. However, the game is quite good and has gotten excellent reviews.

FWsim Fireworks Simulator

FWsim Fireworks Simulator is quite different. It is a creative tool for planning your own highly realistic fireworks on your computer. You can add your favourite music and import 3D models from the internet. You can even create your own pieces of fireworks - down to the last detail. FWsim is not for everyone. But if you want to express your creativity without limits and create the fireworks show of your dreams, FWsim is the best choice.

Hobbyists can plan their small backyard shows, or create huge professional displays. The flexible effects editor gives you complete creative freedom to create your own effects. It is quite easy to build digital copies of real fireworks.

When you’re done creating an amazing show, you can share it with your friends on YouTube. By using FWsim, you also become part of a large international community of fireworks enthusiasts.

FWsim Basic Edition costs €24.99 / $24.99 , it’s available at and on Steam.