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for Fireworks Fans for Pyrotechnicians, Fireworks and Event Companies
Basic Creative Edition Pro
€24.99 / $24.99 €49.95 / $54.95 €870 / $970
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  Online Fireworks Database
Online Fireworks Database
  Effects included
Effects included 402 effects 1632 effects
2217 effects
  3D Worlds included
3D Worlds included 3 buildings 16 additional real buildings from Vienna, Paris and Las Vegas.
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  Flexible Fireworks Placement (Height and 3D Rotation)
Flexible Fireworks Placement
(Height, 3D Rotation)
  Professional features
Design shows faster and print all the plans you need on site.
Professional features
• Cue addressing
• Chains
• Firing system export
• PDF plans and cue labels
• Save price and other data with your effects
• Coordinate system in show editor
• Live price calculation
• Company logo in videos
• Script Table View
• Multi-monitor support
• Undo
  Priority Support
Priority Support
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Buy now
or Try it free
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You can test FWsim for one hour. FWsim offers the following benefits to you:

  • Unlimited fun: Your fireworks show can be as big as your hardware allows. Your license is valid forever, and you get free upgrades until the release of the next major version.
  • FWsim is safe and inexpensive. It can be used by people of all ages. It costs less than a single set of real fireworks.
  • Join an international community of virtual fireworks enthusiasts. Get inspiration from over 3000 FWsim videos on the internet. Several FWsim contests have been organised.
  • Get creative. Build your own effects, create HD videos with music and upload to YouTube.

The full version gets you:

  • 100 extra Italian firework effects
  • Download more than 1.100 additional effects from the Online Fireworks Database, and upload your own creations
  • Build Rockets with realistic physics
  • Bengal Flames
  • Build special fireworks:
    • Farfalle
    • Whistle
    • Tourbillon
    • Crossette Stars, which split into four smaller ones
    • Color-Changing fireworks
  • Chain several fireworks together to create your own firework cakes
  • Free camera movement (helicopter camera)
  • Free Support via E-Mail
  • Use your software within seconds. With most payment types, you receive the full version immediately.
  • No risk: Try before you buy + 30 day money-back guarantee
“It’s the best and most technically precise firework sim.” — Vicente Marmora from Argentina “I love the game! its the best firework simulator out there!” — Harrison from Orange, California “It is a very good program. I managed to do all kinds of effects, like the ones we have in Malta.” — Emmanuel S

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Payments are securely handeled by Avangate, a Netherlands-based reseller.
We accept a wide variety of payment types:

  • Credit Card
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  • Real-Time Bank Transfer: (UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy), GiroPay (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • Alipay
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  • and others

If you're shooting real fireworks...

For pyrotechnicians and fireworks companies, there is a special edition called FWsim Pro. FWsim Pro has lots of extra features. You can create firing plans, export to a variety of firing systems and create your own effects database. Learn more about FWsim pro.


You can use FWsim on two computers, e.g. on your Laptop and on your Desktop computer. All versions starting with "3." are free upgrades. This usually includes bugfixes and small new features. Read more about licensing details.

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