How to find free 3D Models for FWsim

You can find excellent 3D Models of buildings at Google Warehouse. You can download them for free. Click “Download”, and select “KMZ from SketchUp” or “Google Earth KMZ”. Then, you can import the KMZ files into FWsim.

  1. Open the World Editor via Tools -> 3D World Editor
  2. Click “Add”
  3. Click “Import”
  4. Select the KMZ file you downloaded from Google Warehouse
  5. FWsim should automatically detect the corect real-world scaling from the model. If not, you can adjust the scale. You can also move the model around as you wish.
  6. Save the 3D World and give it a name.
  7. Create a fireworks show, select Show -> Scenery and select the previously saved world.

You can also search the web for free 3D models. Many different model formats work with FWsim! If you find a 3D model that is not working, please send it to lukas at fwsim dot com.

Fireworks combined with 3D models