Join the Digital Fireworks Celebration

Free from December 25 - January 2*

Create amazing digital fireworks with FWsim - the Fireworks Display Simulator! Professionals all over the world use FWsim to plan real shows.

Select from 486 fireworks effects and design the show of your dreams. Including your favourite music! If that’s not enough, start the effect editor and begin designing your own pieces of firework!

You will be part of a worldwide, friendly community of FWsim enthusiasts. Share your work on YouTube and watch shows made by others. And surprise your friends and family with your creation!

For many people, it has been a difficult year and a normal New Years Eve will not be possible. I would like to contribute and make the end of the year a little better: FWsim will be available, completely free, from December 25 until January 2*.

*) The free week goes until January 2, 11:59pm Central European Time.

The free week is over.

Thanks everyone for participating!

If you’re too late, you can still download the trial version. It works for one hour and can be downloaded by clicking the button below.