Virtual Fireworks Animations

Fireworks Design Service

Do you need a virtual fireworks show, realistic and customized according to your specification? Would you like to project fireworks for an event?
Your show will be designed by experienced pyrotechnicians with years of experience. Our show designers have great artistic taste and will do their best to create something beautiful and unique.

About Us

We develop fireworks simulation software. Our software is used by fireworks professionals in the US and 31 other countries. We have eleven years of experience in realistic fireworks simulation, and we can create a show that exactly matches your requirements in terms of music choice, colors and budget.

CGI Fireworks Service

Looking for a computer generated fireworks show (CGI fireworks)? We are here to help.

Fireworks Projection for Events

Our fireworks show designs come as high-quality videos. You can use any video projector to project them onto the wall or a silver screen. You can also use a LED screen. We will create your video file with the exact resolution and framerate that your projector needs - therefore achieving the maximum quality. We can also take the layout of your room and the angle of projection into account, to make the fireworks fit into any setting - indoor or outdoor. We recommend using a good sound system for maximum impact.


To see a sample of the kinds of graphics that you can expect, please visit our videos page.

Compare Offers

If you have different requirements, contact us to receive a custom offer.
Small Medium Large
$490 $890 $1290
  Licensed for social media streaming and your website
Licensed for social media streaming and your website
  Length of Show up to
Length of show up to 3 minutes 6 minutes 10 minutes
  Fireworks synchronized to your own Music
Fireworks synchronized to Music
  Select your preferred color scheme
Select your preferred color scheme + $90

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