Simple show planning
and visualization

For fireworks professionals and show designers.

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Creating Fireworks just for fun? Try the Hobbyist Edition, made for everyone interested in pyrotechnics.

Create realistic visualizations that will impress your clients

Achieve perfect sync with your music.

Take your Creativity to the Next Level with an efficient & easy-to-use show designer.

Compatible with most firing systems

Responsive E-Mail Support directly from the Founder

Great Performance on your Desktop PC or Laptop

Create Labels and Reports

Real 3D Locations from anywhere in the world with Google Maps integration.


  • Create Beautiful Choreographies
  • Work Offline
  • Automatic Addressing
  • Export to your Firing System
  • Live Price Calculation
  • Customizable Labels and Reports
  • Excel Export
  • Camera Animations
  • DMX Flamejets
  • Drone Show Import and Visualization

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What FWsim Users Say

“We use FWsim primarily to design all our pyrotechnic displays, whether small or large, because of the realistic effects visualization, and easy integration with our firing systems. We often perform pyromusicals, and FWsim provides excellent tools to quickly design the desired choreography. Overall we are extremely satisfied with the performance of the FWsim package, and will continue to use it for all our pyrotechnic needs.” — Yannick Maaskant, Royal Fireworks, Netherlands “I am very happy with your program and my control units do exactly what we designed on the simulator. I have several videos of shows that are identical to the simulation.” — Leonardo Mattera from Ischia Pirica, Italy “Little by little you are making a first level software. We are very happy.” — Antonio Garcia Juan from Pirotecnia del Mediterraneo, Valencia “I've been telling people I deal with, your customer service is fantastic” — Mike Smith “For me, the major difference [between FWsim and other 3D scripting software] lies in the quality of the effects we can directly model through the effect editor. The 3D rendering engine is very efficient, allowing me to offer very high-quality renders to potential clients. Lukas is also very responsive and provides regular updates regarding our requests for interface modifications or the addition of new features.” — Vincent Bauer, Creative Director, Diffuse Show, France

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the software on multiple computers?

If you subscribe:

You can install FWsim Pro on two computers within your company. Installation on more computers requires upgrading your subscription - please contact us.

What happens when I replace my computer?

When you replace computers, it is always possible to move your license to a new computer.

Which effects are included in FWsim?

Most of effects included in FWsim are modelled after real fireworks, but with generic names (e.g. "Red Peony"). FWsim Pro includes over 2000 effects, some of them match real brands. See a list of all real effects included in FWsim Pro.

Can you help me get my catalogue of effects into FWsim?

Yes. Please contact us.

How can I pay?

You can use a variety of payment types for the FWsim Pro subscription:

To check whether your preferred payment method is supported, please click the "Subscribe" button and check the list of payment options:

Still got questions?

If you want to find out whether FWsim Pro will fulfill your requirements, or if you need more time for testing, please contact us.