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Frequently Asked Questions

FWsim on Steam

What is Steam?

Steam is the world’s biggest computer games platform. It is a convenient way of buying games, downloading them and keeping them updated.

I’m already using FWsim. How does this affect me?

Nothing changes for you. You don’t need to install Steam. You can always install FWsim directly from the official website.

Thanks to feedback from Steam, FWsim will become better - and everyone will benefit from that.

When will FWsim be available on Steam?

You can already add it to your wishlist. It will be available sometime in early 2021.

Why is FWsim being released on Steam?

For the past ten years, a worldwide community of FWsim users has emerged - consisting mostly of fireworks enthusiasts and professionals. With this Steam launch, we want to get feedback from a wider audience of gamers.

Which editions will be available on Steam?

Here is our current plan:

In early 2021, FWsim Basic Edition will launch on Steam Early Access. “Early Access” is a program designed for incomplete games that are looking for player feedback. Of course, FWsim is already complete - however, we are looking to get more feedback and make improvements.

In early 2022, we will leave Early Access. At that time, FWsim Creative Edition will also be released on Steam.

FWsim Pro will not be released on Steam, but it will benefit from many of the improvements that we’ll make.

These are our intentions as of December 2020 - however, it’s always possible that plans will change.

If I already own FWsim, can I get the Steam version for free?

If you already own FWsim version 3, then you can contact us and receive a free Steam key for the Early Access version. Please keep in mind that only FWsim Basic will be released on Steam Early Access, so if you’re using Creative Edition then this will not be useful to you.

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