List of Pyrotechnics Discussion Forums & Communities

Are you looking for a place to meet other fireworks fans and pyro enthusiasts? Here's a list of online fireworks communities.

/r/fireworks on Reddit

This reddit community is fairly active and focussed on sharing videos.

Canadian Pyro

This website contains a wide range of information on Canadian fireworks. It includes recommendations, reviews, forums on professional as well as consumer fireworks, discussion on Canadian laws etc.

This UK site is for enthusiasts as well as professionals. It's fairly active and operated by UKFR (UK Fireworks Review).

This is a quite old US website but still relevant. It features an enormous collection of videos. The fireworks online forum on this site is somewhat inactive, unfortunately.

This one is fairy inactive but still might be interesting to join.

Sites and Communities in other languages is the best German-language discussion forum.
Freakpyromaniacs is a great Dutch pyro community.
Forumfajerwerki is a great Polish community, and we recommend Pirovagando for Italian language discussion.

VPyro - virtual fireworks community which no longer exists used to be a community fully dedicated to virtual fireworks. (Please do not visit the website -- it no longer exists and redirects to advertisements) VPyro contained separate forums for FWsim and other fireworks software. A large number of vpyro users used Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (also called RCT3). RCT3 is a roller coaster and amusement park simulator that also featured a small fireworks simulator.