Finale3D Alternative for Fireworks Scripting - FWsim Pro

FWsim Pro - a Finale 3D Alternative

Finale 3D (also called “Finale Fireworks”, or “Finale 3D Pro”) is a fireworks choreography and inventory management software. Finale Fireworks is available only as an annual subscription.

FWsim Pro is a fireworks show scripting software that’s easy to use and produces realistic 3D visualizations. It is made for fireworks professionals and show designers. The sofware is currently used by professionals in 40 countries. FWsim is made by a small company in Austria.

FWsim Pro users like that it’s easy to use and produces beautiful animations. Other advantages of FWsim are the super-realistic effects, a very flexible effects editor and the performance. The FWsim Pro subscription is very flexible - it’s monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

FWsim Pro is used mostly by small and medium-sized fireworks companies. It has also been used on larger projects - for example, Royal Fireworks (Netherlands) use FWsim to plan their displays for the Philippines International Pyromusical Championship.

“We use FWsim primarily to design all our pyrotechnic displays, whether small or large, because of the realistic effects visualization, and easy integration with our firing systems. We often perform pyromusicals, and FWsim provides excellent tools to quickly design the desired choreography. Overall we are extremely satisfied with the performance of the FWsim package, and will continue to use it for all our pyrotechnic needs.” — Yannick Maaskant, Royal Fireworks, Netherlands

FWsim runs great even on old computers. 4GB of RAM are enough to make it run quite well. Any graphics card released in 2012 or later will work with FWsim. FWsim also runs on some computers without a graphics card (so-called onboard graphics), although we don’t recommend that. Most of our customers find they do not need to buy a new computer when using FWsim, and it even works on most laptops.

FWsim Pro and Finale 3D compared

Finale 3DFWsim Pro
Target audienceLarge projects and teamsSmall and medium-sized fireworks companies
Ease-of-use and functionalityComplex and feature-richEasy to use, focus on simplicity
PricingAnnual Subscription onlyFlexible monthly subscription
Performance and System RequirementsAverage performance - requires a graphics card from 2018 or newer, and 8GB of RAMGreat performance - runs well on 10+ years old computers. Requires a graphics card from 2012 or newer, and 4GB of RAM.

How can I try out FWsim?

If you’re a professional, download a free trial of the professional edition. If fireworks are your hobby, try the hobbyist edition.