Visualize and Plan your fireTEK shows with FWsim

FWsim is a fireworks show visualization and planning software. It is easy to use, produces fireTEK data and great visualizations. FWsim allows you to take your creativity to the next level and produce all the plans and reports your team needs.

About fireTEK

fireTEK Wireless Firing Systems are manufactured and distributed by the Romanian company of the same name since 2009. The focus is on merging the assumptions of engineers and fireworks experts, which has brought to light an internationally sought-after firing system. A wide range of products allow solution for fireworks enthusiasts who want to plan small shows in the backyard or for professionals planning music synchronous large-scale fireworks. The goal here, according to the company, is to provide a safe, reliable, efficient and affordable system that ensures 100% ignition. Innovative features such as real-time fault detection and the proprietary, secure, bi-directional, wired or wireless mesh network enable flawless control of up to 99 modules. Many additional options also make it easy to design spectacular fireworks displays. These include quick and easy integration of GPS, DMX devices, timecode and/or audio players. The company also promotes continuous software and hardware enhancements for the dynamic fireworks market, enabling them to work with timely features. If you want to learn more about fireTEK, click here.

How to use FWsim with fireTEK

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new show or open an existing one.
  2. Select the fireTEK System for this show by navigating to the “Export” tab on the right.
  3. Under the “Modules” tab, create enough modules for all cues. Per default, cues are connected to the nearest module. However, you can also associate modules with specific firing positions.
  4. Click Export -> “Export for Firing System (fireTEK)” and select a filename. FWsim will generate module and pin numbers automatically and create a .fir file. If there are any problems (e.g. too few modules), FWsim will alert you.
  5. Save the .CSV File for import into the fireTEK Software.