FWsim Tutorial

Create your first show

Click File -> New to create a new show.

At the bottom is the timeline. It shows when your fireworks will be fired. Click on “Single Firework”, and select any firework. Click on the left side of the timeline.

Now, press F1 or click the blue arrow. Your firework will be fired when the black line reaches it.

Adding a single firework to the show

With “Single Firework”, you can fire one firework. But we want LOTS of fireworks, right? Simply click on “Stepper”, double-click on any firework and click into the timeline again.

When you select the stepper, you can see it in the window above:

Creating a stepper

You can drag the arrows around by clicking and holding the left mouse button. You can rotate them by clicking and holding the right mouse button:

Moving and rotating a stepper

Click “Play”. The fireworks are fired, one after the other.

A fired stepper

Instead of steppers, you can also use batteries. A battery is like a stepper, but it fires randomly.

Adding Music

Click “Music” to select a music file:

Build your own fireworks show with music

Create your own firework

Click Tools -> Firework Editor. Select “Peony” with a double-click. A peony is a very simple type of firework.

Click “Fire” to watch it. It looks like this: (your color could be different)

A simple peony, created with the FWsim Firework Editor

Fireworks are made from components. You can see them on the right side:

The firework tree, which shows the components that make up a piece of firework

You can click on any component to change it. Select stars, and select “Tails” from the box:

Adding a new component to the firework

The tails are now added below the stars. That means, our stars will drag along lots of small sparks:

A simple peony, created with the FWsim Firework Editor

Experiment with the other options. Click File -> New… in the firework editor and select some preset you like.