FWsim Pro

Simple Show Planning and Visualization

FWsim Pro is a fireworks show design and simulation software, designed for fireworks companies and semiprofessional pyrotechnicians. Planning your shows is easy - and when you're finished, it takes just a few minutes to export a video, print firing plans and transfer the data to your firing system.

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  • Fast conception of shows
  • Convincing 3D visualizations for your customers
  • Videos with 3D graphics, virtual buildings and smoke simulation
  • Create perfectly timed pyromusicals
  • Simple export to many firing systems
  • Highly optimized 3D graphics - FWsim Pro runs well on almost any computer or laptop. No need to buy a new computer!
  • Flexible effect editor based on building blocks
  • Use your own background images or 3D models
  • Print labels and firing plans
  • Calculate cost while editing your show
  • Permanent license, no annual fees
  • Direct support from the developer

FWsim Pro is used by fireworks companies and self-employed pyrotechnicians in 40 countries.

Feature Comparison

for Hobbyists and Enthusiasts for Professionals
FWsim Basic and Creative Edition FWsim Pro
  Choreography Features
Choreography Features Limited
Fast and efficient show editing:
• Undo functionality
• Create chains
• Cue Addressing
• Script Table View
• Live Price Calculation
• Add comments to Show
• Placeholder Cues
  30-day money-back guarantee
30-day money-back guarantee
  Video Export
Video Export Shows only Shows and individual Effects
With Company Logo and Custom Text
  Effects Inventory
Save Custom Data with your Effects (Price, Manufacturer, ...)
Firework Database
Save Custom Data with your Effects (Price, Manufacturer, ...)
  Export Show Data
Create Plans and Cue Labels
  Firing Systems Support
Firing Systems Support Export to all common firing systems
Import from Explo ShowCreator and Firetek files
Insert shows into other shows
Insert shows into other shows
  Work with two monitors
Work with two monitors
  Priority Support
Priority Support
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FWsim Pro also includes:

You can view a list of the included real effects.

Our customers

Our customers include fireworks companies around the world, for example:

  • Royal Fireworks, Netherlands. They competed in the Philippines International Pyromusical Competition 2012 and 2013. Both shows were planned exclusively using FWsim Pro.
  • Fogos da Amazonia, Brazil. Importer of fireworks, stores in four states of brazil.
  • Feuerwerkshop.ch, Switzerland. Fireworks Importer.
  • and others in South Korea, Japan, Portugal, France, Germany...
“We use FWsim primarily to design all our pyrotechnic displays, whether small or large, because of the realistic effects visualization, and easy integration with our firing systems. We often perform pyromusicals, and FWsim provides excellent tools to quickly design the desired choreography.
We also use FWsim to visualize and communicate ideas and concepts for new products with our factory in China. Because the effects render very accurately, the sample products always match the ideas we come up with. Overall we are extremely satisfied with the performance of the FWsim package, and will continue to use it for all our pyrotechnic needs.” Yannick Maaskant, Royal Fireworks, Netherlands

This show was created by Royal Fireworks for the Philippines International Pyromusical Competition 2013. The sound is removed for Copyright reasons.

License Details

FWsim Pro costs €870 / $970 excl VAT. That's a one-time payment - the license is permanent and there are no annual fees.
If you live in the EU and do not have a VAT ID, then 20% VAT is added.

Installing on Multiple Computers

You can install FWsim Pro on two computers within your company. Installation on more computers requires the purchase of additional seats (€290 / $340 + VAT per computer).

Future Updates

Your license will never expire. All versions starting with "3." are free upgrades. This usually includes bugfixes and small new features. (more licensing details).

Order Details

You can use a variety of payment types:

Don't forget to enter your EU VAT-ID in the order form, if you have one.
The license for the full version is delivered to you via E-Mail. With most payment types, this occurs within a few minutes

Pro Free Trial Buy or Subscribe

Want to create fireworks just for fun?
Try the game edition - free trial!

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