FWsim Fireworks Simulator

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About FWsim

Create your own fireworks, add your favourite music, and make huge shows on 3D locations! With simulation technology that’s been used by real pyrotechnicians around the world.

FWsim is a Fireworks Simulation Sandbox Game, first released in 2010. Since then, it has steadily generated a fanbase; more than 10,000 fan-made videos have been uploaded to YouTube. All the scenes you see in the trailer have been designed by our players.

FWsim is more than a game: It has been designed from the beginning with realism in mind. Fireworks companies in 18 countries use our professional edition, “FWsim Pro”, to plan real displays.


Official Website
Demo Version Installer (70 MB) (works on Windows, free for 4 hours, contact us to receive a free key)
Monetization Permission (relevant for YouTubers)

Contact Information

Lukas Trötzmüller Founder & Developer Graz, Austria Phone: +43 650 6605463 Mail: [email protected] Facebook: FWsimFireworksSimulator

Videos, Images, Resources

Greenlight Trailer on our YouTube channel
Note: We own the music license for unlimited online distribution. You can use this video in any online publication.

For Youtubers: YouTube Monetization confirmation. We give you permission to monetize FWsim gameplay videos both on YouTube and on your own websites.

Download all screenshots as ZIP Download our Logo: animated or static