How to update your Graphics Card Drivers

To run FWsim fireworks simulator, it is recommended to install the latest graphics card drivers.
In some cases, FWsim will detect problems with the driver and alert you that “there is a problem with your graphics card driver”.

Step 1: Find out which graphics card your computer has. The most common ones are ATI and NVidia. You can use a free tool called GPU-Z for that: GPU-Z. Alternatively, look for an ATI or NVidia sticker on your computer.

Step 2: Depending on the model you found out in Step 1, download your drivers from ATI or NVidia. (Both links will auto-detect the exact model, so you only need to know whether it’s ATI or NVIDIA).

Step 3: Run the driver installer.

If FWsim still won’t work, feel free to contact us!