Video rendering issues

Rendering to PNG files

FWsim Pro can export your video as a series of PNG images, instead of a video file.

To export videos as a series of PNG files:

  1. If your show is very long, please make sure you have enough space on your hard disk. For rendering in 720p resolution, you will need around 1.5 GB (1500 MB) of space per minute. For 1080p, even more.
  2. Go to Tools -> Preferences -> FWsim Pro and select the option “Export to PNG files”.
  3. Click File -> Export Video.
  4. Select an empty folder.
  5. The folder will now contain an image sequence.

To combine these videos to a new AVI file:

  1. Download the free software VirtualDub from
  2. Start VirtualDub.
  3. Select “File -> Open Video” from the menu. Navigate to the folder you selected in FWsim, and select the first image (000000.png).
  4. Select “Audio -> Audio From Other File” from the menu. Navigate to the same folder as before, and select the file “fwsim_sound.wav”.
  5. Click Video -> Compression. Select the “x264” codec (if that doesn’t show up, please install it from here. In the same window, you can click “Configure” to adjust the quality of the video, a value of 4 or less is recommended.
  6. Select “Video -> Frame Rate” from the menu. Select “Change frame rate to (fps)” and enter the value 30. Click OK.
  7. Select “File -> Save as AVI” and choose a filename.

Playing your video files on other computers

Should the video files created by FWsim not play on another computer, then please install the free x264 codec on that computer. (Download at