Fireworks Glossary

Here is an explanation of the most frequently used fireworks terms.
TermExplanationGerman Word
Ascent EffectSome shells eject sparks while they fly upwards. This is called an ascent effect.Aufstiegseffekt
Bengal FireA very bright burning firework that sits on the ground and illuminates the environment for several minutes.Bengalisches Feuer
Bursting ChargeA small amount of black powder that makes a shell explode.Zerlegerladung
CakeSeveral fireworks chained together in a ready-to-use package.Batterie (however: please note that in FWsim, 'Battery' is NOT a cake)
Catherine WheelFountains mounted on a rotating wheel. The fountains make the wheel rotate.Sonne
CometA single bright star that shoots upwards. Comets are often arranged in steppers.Komet
CracklingEjection of fast flying sparks, combined with a sharp noise.
CrossetteA star that splits into four sub-stars.
FountainA firework that sits on the ground and shoots sparks upwards.Fontäne
Lifting ChargeA small amount of black powder that ejects a shell from the mortar.Treibladung, Ausstoßladung
MineA firework that explodes directly on the ground and shoots stars upwards.Feuertopf
PalmA shell that ejects stars. Every star drags along a trail of sparks.Palme
PeonyA shell that ejects just stars.Peonie
Roman CandleRoman Candles sit on the ground and fire stars over a longer duration. Small roman candles are a popular consumer fireworks item.Römisches Licht
Salut ShellA shell without any stars. It produces a bright flash and a loud noise.Salutbombe
Shell of ShellsA shell that ejects smaller sub-shells when it explodes.
ShellA round piece of firework that is launched from a mortar and explodes shortly after (learn more...)Bombe
StepperSeveral shots that fire one after the other in a precisely timed manner.
TailsA trail of sparks, ejected from a star.Schweif