Export to SkyDirector

FWsim Pro is a fireworks simulation and show design software, designed for
fireworks companies and semiprofessional pyrotechnicians. It offers 3D graphics, an easy-to-use show designer, and a powerful effects editor. Learn more...

FWsim Pro can export data for the SkyDirector system (now called Pyroneo). Module and channel assignments can be created before exporting.

The music filename is also written into the SkyDirector file. Please note that the SkyDirector format requires the music filename to be 8 characters or less. If it is longer, it is truncated.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new show or open an existing one.
  2. Under the “Export” tab on the right, select the SkyDirector system.
  3. Under the “Modules” tab, create enough modules for all cues. Per default, cues are connected to the nearest module. However, you can also associate modules with specific firing positions.
  4. Click Export -> SkyDirector and select a filename. FWsim will generate module and pin numbers automatically and create a .csw file.
  5. You can now use this .csw file on your SkyDirector system.