Join the FWsim New Years Challenge 2021

Open until January 8, 2021

Challenge completed - thanks everyone for participating!

We know these times are hard for many of you. To celebrate New Year’s Eve in the most fun and creative way possible, we decided to make FWsim free until January 2*. As the free period comes to an end, we also want to kick off 2021 with our first official FWsim competition: the FWsim New Year Challenge!

The FWsim New Year Challenge will be a musical competition in which you’ll have to unleash your creativity by designing the best synchronized and most beautiful fireworks show. This is your time to shine, so don’t hesitate to read the rules and start planning your submission. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Competition rules

  1. Please use the music that is provided (see below). You are free to use the entire song, or just a part of it. You cannot use other music.
  2. Create a fireworks show to that music using FWsim. You can use any effects you like, either included with FWsim or your own effects. Be creative - you can use 3D models, background images and camera movement!
  3. You must submit your show until January 8, 2021, 11:00pm Central European Time.
  4. One show per person.

Here’s how to get the music and participate…

  1. Download FWsim. You can use FWsim for free until January 1.
  2. Download the music. You can get the music after you have signed up for the free week, or if you already own FWsim. To download it, please visit your license page - simply click the “Help” menu in FWsim and then select “License Info”.
  3. Create your show to that music
  4. Upload your show to YouTube. Please mention “FWsim New Years Challenge” in the title or description text.
  5. Submit the YouTube link to your show here

The winner show will be featured on the front page for a week. In addition, the winner’s show will be directly included in future versions of FWsim, as a demo show.

All valid entries will be added to a public YouTube playlist - so your show will be seen, even if you don’t win! We want all submissions to get attention and YouTube views.

Any questions?

Contact us

*) The free trial will be available until January 2, 11:59pm.