Comparison of Fireworks Games

Fireworks Mania? Weco Fireworks Simulator? FWsim?

If you want to create virtual fireworks on your computer, you have a wide range of possibilities. Some simulators are very realistic and include a wide variety of real fireworks effects. Other simulators have more cartoon-like fireworks that are less realistic. Some games allow you to get creative and create your own firework effects, with others you are limited to the ones that come with the game.

Some simulators are realistic and give you the experience of planning a large professional fireworks display. Others allow you to move in a virtual world and shoot fireworks from a first person view.

These pyrotechnics games all run on Microsoft Windows. Let’s find out what the best fireworks simulator for PC is!

Fireworks Mania

Fireworks Mania does not intend to be a realistic simulator. Instead, it provides you with a virtual neighborhood. You can run around in first person mode and shoot various kinds of fireworks.

In this sandbox game, the focus is on having fun with a variety of fireworks. You can safely shoot your fireworks on the street… or do all kinds of mischief! This low end gaming concept encourages your creativity and shows what you shouldn’t do with fireworks.

A fun game at a low price point. It’s far away from being a realistic simulation but still quite interesting. It is not possible to plan pyromusicals with Fireworks Mania. Therefore, a lot of fireworks fans are looking for alternatives to Fireworks Mania.

“Fireworks Simulator” by WECO (2014)

This simulator was developed in cooperation with German fireworks manufacturer WECO. It allows you to plan fireworks with music, position your racks and fill them with around 100 real effects by WECO.

There are only two different sceneries involved, and functionality is very limited. The simulator costs €10, is easy to learn and allows fireworks enthusiasts to engage in their hobby all year round. But even for casual gamers this simulator is limited, and pyro enthusiasts will quickly reach the limits of this simulator.

These limitations show in the Steam reviews, which are only “Mixed”.

Fireworkssimulator: Realistic

Despite the name, realism is not a focus of this game. You can play around with fireworks in a variety of 3D environments. New fireworks effects need to be unlocked step by step, by finding them on the map. You run around in 1st person view and can fire your effects one by one, or all at the same time. The game is very cheap - which means the possibilites and the graphics quality are necessarily limited.

Some Steam reviews are very negative, for example:

Firework Maker (Browser Game)

Fireworks Maker is a browser-based game that allows you to shoot fireworks with keyboard and mouse. There’s no music, and no planning capability. Furthermore, you need to install an extra browser plugin to make it work. Therefore, we cannot recommend Firework Maker.

Fireworks Simulator 3D

Fireworks Simulator 3D is a mobile game allowing you to run around in a virtual city and shoot fireworks. You can connect several pieces of fireworks, but you cannot plan shows on a timeline. You also cannot add your own music.

This game has really good reviews - if you’re looking for a simple, mobile fireworks game then this is probably right for you.

FWsim Fireworks Simulator

FWsim Pro is a professional planning software for pyrotechnicians and fireworks companies.

FWsim Basic and FWsim Creative Edition provide the same realistic simulation technology (with some limitations) to everyone who is interested in fireworks. It’s a pyrotechnic game made for everyone!

FWsim allows you to create your own fireworks shows, synchronized to your favourite music. You can choose from a large library of effects or create your own. The launch positions can be placed freely on the ground or on buildings, and you can even insert your own 3D models from the Internet.

Hobbyists can plan their small backyard shows, or create huge professional displays. The flexible effects editor gives you complete creative freedom to create your own effects. It is quite easy to build digital copies of real fireworks.

FWsim Basic Edition costs €24.99 / $24.99 , it’s available at and on Steam.