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Support us on Steam Greenlight

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Steam is the biggest marketplace for PC games. We want to bring FWsim to Steam. This will give us the opportunity to improve the graphics, add more fireworks and better 3D worlds! Everyone who owns FWsim will get the new version for free.
But to get on Steam, we need your votes! If you have a Steam account and you’d like to see FWsim there, vote for us:

On that page, you can also see the new FWsim trailer, which was made from shows of many different users.
Thanks for your support!

Fireworks on your iPhone or Android Phone

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

FWsim is only available for Microsoft Windows.
If you want to shoot fireworks on your Android Phone or iPhone, we can recommend these two apps:

For Android, try “Fireworks Deluxe”! It’s a live wallpaper that displays amazing fireworks.
The graphics are great, and users say it’s the best fireworks app on Android. Check it out:¬†Fireworks Deluxe

For iPhone, try iLoveFireworks. It looks great, and has real sounds.

Fireworks Deluxe for Android

iLoveFireworks for iPhone

FWsim Screenshot Competition: Results

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Thanks everyone for participating!

The submissions were all very good, but we had to choose three winners.
A jury of long-time FWsim users and betatesters decided on the winners:

  • Florian Ferfer, winner of the “Les Feux de Chantilly” virtual fireworks competition in 2011
  • Jan-Niklas Bogatka, who digitized real effects for FWsim Pro
  • Jan O., who also worked on digitizing real effects

The winners are:

First Place

Julian for a picture of fireworks over a 3D bridge, and a picture of waterfall shells. The reflections are not a feature of FWsim but were added using image editing software.

Julian - Image 2


Second Place

Martin for his picture of fireworks over buildings, with some additional image editing aswell.
Martins screenshot of fireworks over buildings

Third Place

Nick for his picture of the Titanic with fireworks.
Fireworks over the Titanic, picture by Nick

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Participate in the Screenshot Competition!

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Participate in the first FWsim screenshot competition, and win a full license for FWsim Pro, access to exclusive firework effects, and more!

How to participate

  • Take a fireworks show you already created, or design a new one. It can be as short as 5 seconds. The show itself is not important, it only matters how good it looks at one moment in time.
  • At the best moments in your show, press F10 to create a screenshot. You can try this over and over again, until you’re satisfied. Click Tools -> Open Screenshot Folder to see all screenshots you took.
  • Until Sunday, 13th of October, midnight, send your best pictures to You can send up to 3 images. Please also include the show file, and all custom-made effects for your show. See below for details.


  • Please set the graphics quality to Very High before you take your screenshot.
  • Use the screenshot function inside FWsim (do not export a video and then take a frame from that). This is in order to enable everyone to participate, without needing additional software.
  • You can modify your screenshot using image editing software. However, if you do so then please include the original version aswell.
  • The size of the images does not matter, because they depend on the resolution of your monitor. They will not be a factor in the jury decision.
  • By submitting, you agree for pictures and videos of your show to be used for promotional purposes. However, your effect and show files will not be shared with others – they will only be used to re-create the screenshot.
  • The decision will be made by a jury.


  • First Place: A license of FWsim Pro, including 85 exclusive firework effects from the German manufacturer Blackboxx
  • Second and Third Place: 85 exclusive firework effects, plus a license for the Standard Edition of FWsim (if you already own FWsim, you can give that license to a friend).


  • Build your own 3D world with unique objects. Go to Google Warehouse to find 3D models. If a certain 3D model does not display correctly in FWsim, contact us and we will be glad to help.
  • It is allowed to change the textures of the ground and to use your own background images. To learn how to change the ground texture, please visit Tips for Advanced FWsim Users.
  • Leave your images in the PNG format to preserve the highest quality.
  • It is allowed to use effects that other people uploaded to the Online Fireworks Database for the competition. Please mention in your submission which effects you used.

New Online Fireworks Database

Friday, September 13th, 2013

There is now an Online Fireworks Database available for all users of the full version!
Download hundreds of new fireworks, and share your own creations.

Simply update FWsim to the latest version (“Help -> Check for Updates”), and click “Tools -> Online Fireworks Database”. You can also view the contents of the library at (no login necessary).

Get 81 Additional Realistic Firework Effects

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

81 additional highly realistic firework effects are now available. They are modelled after real effects from the German manufacturer Blackboxx.

These effects are already included in the Pro edition. If you use the game edition, you can get access to these effects if a friend purchases FWsim through your referral.

How to get the 81 realistic effects

For Game edition customers

  1. Please visit your license page. If you lost the link, you can look it up using your e-mail .
  2. From this page, you can get a special FWsim link to share with your friends.
  3. If someone buys FWsim through this link, both you and your friend will automatically get access to the 81 effects.

Note that these 81 effects are completely new and in addition to all the other effects already available.

For Pro edition customers

Please visit your license page, and re-install your extra effects. This will install the 81 effects. If you lost the link, you can look it up using your e-mail

The effects were created by Jan-Niklas Bogatka and PyrosaurusRex1. The music in the video is “Waking up – instrumental” by Dexter Britain, and is used with permission.

FWsim 2.3 released

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Version 2.3 of FWsim has been released.

The most important new features are smoke simulation in videos, reduced memory usage, and many new effects capabilities. Read the full list of changes here:

Game Edition:

Professional Edition (for fireworks companies and pyrotechnicians):

New Beta Version with Smoke Simulation, and new Effects Features

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The new beta version of FWsim is ready.

Update June 2013: The beta test is complete, and FWsim 2.3 is released. You can download the new version from the main website.



The most important changes are:
* Smoke simulation and shadows in videos (activate them via Tools -> Preferences)
* RAM usage reduced
* Many new effects features: View effects dimensions, ascent stars, strobing and crackling tails, drag-and-drop in effect editor, and much more.
* Firing systems support: Galaxis and Pyroleda
You can view the complete list of changes at .

We are looking forwards to your comments about the new version.

Fireworks on your iPhone

Friday, January 4th, 2013

You can now create photorealistic fireworks on your iPhone!
The app uses augmented reality technology to place the fireworks within your surroundings.
It’s called FireworkCam, and it’s free: FireworkCam on the Appstore

FireworkCam, a new augmented reality fireworks app for iPhone
The app was developed by Ricardo Rendon Cepeda, and is officially supported by FWsim. Therefore, this does not impact the ongoing development of FWsim itself.

New Beta Update

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

There is a new beta available for FWsim:

  • Game edition:
  • Pro edition:

The highlights in this version are usability improvements, improved performance, and lots of bugfixes.
If you find any problems, please report them.