Participate in the Screenshot Competition!

(Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2013 by Lukas Trötzmüller)

Participate in the first FWsim screenshot competition, and win a full license for FWsim Pro, access to exclusive firework effects, and more!

How to participate

  • Take a fireworks show you already created, or design a new one. It can be as short as 5 seconds. The show itself is not important, it only matters how good it looks at one moment in time.
  • At the best moments in your show, press F10 to create a screenshot. You can try this over and over again, until you’re satisfied. Click Tools -> Open Screenshot Folder to see all screenshots you took.
  • Until Sunday, 13th of October, midnight, send your best pictures to You can send up to 3 images. Please also include the show file, and all custom-made effects for your show. See below for details.


  • Please set the graphics quality to Very High before you take your screenshot.
  • Use the screenshot function inside FWsim (do not export a video and then take a frame from that). This is in order to enable everyone to participate, without needing additional software.
  • You can modify your screenshot using image editing software. However, if you do so then please include the original version aswell.
  • The size of the images does not matter, because they depend on the resolution of your monitor. They will not be a factor in the jury decision.
  • By submitting, you agree for pictures and videos of your show to be used for promotional purposes. However, your effect and show files will not be shared with others – they will only be used to re-create the screenshot.
  • The decision will be made by a jury.


  • First Place: A license of FWsim Pro, including 85 exclusive firework effects from the German manufacturer Blackboxx
  • Second and Third Place: 85 exclusive firework effects, plus a license for the Standard Edition of FWsim (if you already own FWsim, you can give that license to a friend).


  • Build your own 3D world with unique objects. Go to Google Warehouse to find 3D models. If a certain 3D model does not display correctly in FWsim, contact us and we will be glad to help.
  • It is allowed to change the textures of the ground and to use your own background images. To learn how to change the ground texture, please visit Tips for Advanced FWsim Users.
  • Leave your images in the PNG format to preserve the highest quality.
  • It is allowed to use effects that other people uploaded to the Online Fireworks Database for the competition. Please mention in your submission which effects you used.

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