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Get 81 Additional Realistic Firework Effects

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

81 additional highly realistic firework effects are now available. They are modelled after real effects from the German manufacturer Blackboxx.

These effects are already included in the Pro edition. If you use the game edition, you can get access to these effects if a friend purchases FWsim through your referral.

How to get the 81 realistic effects

For Game edition customers

  1. Please visit your license page. If you lost the link, you can look it up using your e-mail .
  2. From this page, you can get a special FWsim link to share with your friends.
  3. If someone buys FWsim through this link, both you and your friend will automatically get access to the 81 effects.

Note that these 81 effects are completely new and in addition to all the other effects already available.

For Pro edition customers

Please visit your license page, and re-install your extra effects. This will install the 81 effects. If you lost the link, you can look it up using your e-mail

The effects were created by Jan-Niklas Bogatka and PyrosaurusRex1. The music in the video is “Waking up – instrumental” by Dexter Britain, and is used with permission.