FWsim 3D World Editor

With FWsim, you can load 3D Models (buildings, cars, trees, …) and create your own 3D World with them. Then, you can fire your own fireworks shows inside the world.

Loading 3D Models

In the menu, click “Tools” -> “3D World Editor”.

Opening the 3D World Editor in FWsim.

On the right of the screen, you see a list of all 3D Models in the world. Currently, our world is empty:

The empty object list of the 3D World Editor.

Click “Add” to add a 3D Object. Very few 3D Models are included with FWsim, but you can get free 3D Models on the Internet. Select a 3D Model from the list or click “Import” to load one that you downloaded from the Internet.

Placing buildings in the 3D World

Adjust size

Changing Position, Rotation and Size of a 3D Model

You can adjust the size of your building with the “Scale” slider.
The 3D Models that come with FWsim already have the correct, realistic size. Models downloaded from Google Warehouse should also have a realistic size. Keep in mind that most fireworks fly much higher than the average building.

Adjust position

With the two “Position” sliders, you can move your 3D model around. For some models, you might want to change the Height above Ground using the third slider.

Flying around

To fly around, click “Enable” at the bottom right of the screen. You can move the camera with your mouse and keyboard:
Changing the camera here has no effect on your shows.