Virtual Fireworks competitions using FWsim

There are several FWsim competitions organized by users.

We do not organize these competitions, and we do not run their websites. Therefore, please contact the organizers directly if you have any questions about them.
If you are organizing an FWsim competition, please let us know. We can include it in this list and help you promote your competition.

1st World Web Fireworks Competition in Maebashi, Japan

Create a fireworks show with FWsim and send it in until May 18th! Everyone can participate, no matter where you are. The winner show will be fired with real fireworks (!) at the 60th Maebashi Fireworks Festival on August, 13. The winner will also receive a free license for FWsim Pro, worth €300.

The application is open from May 11-18, 2016.

Finnish FWsim Competition

This competition started in 2015. Facebook page with more information

Malta FWsim Competition

A group of Maltese pyro enthusiasts organize this competition. Visit them on Facebook.