Les Feux de Chantilly – Winner Announced

(Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 by Lukas Trötzmüller)

The winner of the FWsim contest for Les Feux de Chantilly has been announced!

Les Feux de Chantilly is a fireworks duel happening on June 17th & 18th in Cantilly / France. People from around the world participated and created virtual fireworks shows with music.
The winner of the festival is Florian_F and his video ishere on DailyMotion.

His firework will be fired in reality on both evenings of Les Feux de Chantilly.

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for participating!

I’ll be in France for the festival and I’m looking forward to seeing the first real firework planned with FWsim.

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  1. Jack426 says:

    Congratulations! The show was great! I hope someone will record it, so us who can’t make it will be able to watch it.

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